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The first 25 years...

January 1966:  The Most Reverend Charles P. Greco, Bishop of Alexandria, saw the need for an additional parish in Shreveport. The Rev. Richard J. Lombard was appointed founding pastor of the new "Sacred Heart of Jesus" Parish.

February 1966:  Fr. Lombard, having received an indication of the boundaries of the new parish, began meeting some of his new parishioners and making a survey of its population.  He set up a temporary residence and central contact point at St. Theresa's and conducted the first meeting of his parishioners at St. Theresa's auditorium.

April 1966:  Fr. Lombard continued to keep informed via mail and personally.  He made arrangements for temporary places of worship.  At a general parishioners meeting on the 17th organizational topics were discussed; and in a follow-up letter, the month of May 1966 was dedicated to the formal organization of parish societies.

May 1966:  On the 2nd important organizations were established - Ushers, Commentators, and members of the Holy Name Society as well as pastoral and finance committees.  This was also the inception of the Sacred Heart Men's Club.  On the 3rd the women of the parish met.  At this meeting approximately five Mary's Workers circles were formed with officers.  This was the inception of what is now known as the Ladies' Guild.

June 1966:  Fr. Lombard receives a letter authorizing him to purchase four acres of land on which to build a church.  This is where the current church is located.  On the 22nd, Fr. Lombard sent letters to all parishioners advising them of parish boundaries (which would include about 90 families).  He leased a temporary parsonage.  On the 27th a welcome is held for the newly assigned families.

August 1966:  The first masses as a separate parish were held at a nearby Holiday Inn at 8 am and 11 am on August 21, 1966.  Registration and plans were completed for a CCD program to be conducted between the masses.

September 1966:  The official Charter for the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church of Caddo Parish, Shreveport LA was issued.  This Charter was for a non-profit religious corporation.  Approval was received for the four-acre plot of land to build a church, rectory, and primary school.

November 1966:  The Men's Club of Sacred Heart formulated and passed a constitution and bylaws.

February 1967:  Under the direction of Bishop Greco, Sacred Heart's parish council constitution and bylaws were formed.  There will be 15 members comprised of trustees, heads of parish organizations, and delegates at large.

April 1967:  The four-acre plot (where the church now stands) is officially purchased.  An architectural firm in Shreveport developed and overall plot plan indicating the possible positioning of buildings.  Initially one church and a rectory were to be built.

June 1967:  Sacred Heart now has about 128 families.  

December 1967:  Because of forecasted remodeling at the temporary location (Holiday Inn) Sacred Heart's activities were moved to the Howard Johnson on Monkhouse Drive.

July 1968:  On the 14th plans for the church and rectory were completed and posted for viewing.  The cost was to be about $250,000.  Note:  during construction the 14 stained glass windows were ordered from Germany.  These windows were graciously donated by 14 devoted families of the parish.

July 1969:  The parking lot was completed and Fr. Lombard took residence in the new rectory.  The first masses were offered in the new and permanent Sacred Heart Church.  In a time span of only 2 1/2 years Sacred Heart became a visible and viable reality.

October 1969:  Bishop Charles P. Greco formally dedicated Sacred Heart Church.

November 1975:  The Ladies Guild formally drafted and passed their constitution and bylaws.

October 1976:  An education/activities building was added to the physical plant at a cost of about $70,000 which was added to the existing mortgage.

June 1986:  On the 1st, Fr. Lombard officially burned the mortgage of Sacred Heart Parish.  This was full nine years earlier than scheduled.  He left the parish debt free.  On the 4th Msgr. Harry Barker was appointed pastor.  On the 16th, the Diocese of Shreveport was established with Most Reverend William B. Friend as its first bishop.

July 1986:  Bishop Friend appointed Clary Nash a permanent deacon of Sacred Heart Parish.

August 1986:  Sr. Huberta Gallatin, CDP was assigned to the parish by her order and became the coordinator of the religious education programs.

December 1988:  Msgr. Barker and Sr. Huberta recognized the dramatic increase in CCD students.  Two additional classrooms were added and paid for at a cost of about $19,000.  Much of the construction was completed by volunteer parishioners.

June 1989:  St. Theresa was closed and Sacred Heart's boundaries were expanded.  Deacon Clary Nash was transferred to the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans.

August 1989:  A second education building (with 3 classrooms) was completed at a cost of about $24,000.

April 1991:  The population of the parish is about 272 families.  Several improvement projects (parking lot and drainage) were made at a cost of about $66,000.


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